Our goal is to provide a nurturing and educational environment. We do this by providing a classroom with developmentally appropriate materials and activities, and by allowing our students to learn through play. Research has shown that young children learn best while playing with materials that are appropriate for their age, so they will experience success.


We want to foster growth and development for the whole child. The four areas of development that foster growth and development are: Social, Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive. Some of the ways we facilitate each are:

  1. Social – Role playing, dramatic play, conversation encouraging questions and experimentation.
  2. Physical – Small motor skills through hammering, puzzles, blocks, art, cutting etc. Large motor skills using large blocks, slide, outdoor playground, and indoor gym.
  3. Cognitive – Pre-math & pre-science skills by patterning, ordering, classification, and graphing.
    • Learning numbers and letters through songs, games and finger plays. Pre-K students will work on an alphabet book and a number book.
    • Cooking activities once a month
    • Creative art – We will be encouraging the process not the product.
  4. Emotional – Encourage children to express their feelings and use their words to solve conflicts.
    • Encourage independence – such as pouring their water from a small pitcher at snack time, putting on their own coats, and picking up toys.